Cathy and Durell Hood
I love the idea of posting job experiences and new ideas.
I’ve found that some people are reluctant to share because they want their ideas to be their own.
Well, I’ve discovered that most of what I thought were my ideas really have been from someone else originally and I may have tweaked it a bit.
What about all the info on the internet?  Those people decided to hand it off to others.
Most of our ideas, recipes, etc,  are not our original.
Okay maybe some are…but few!
Let’s share! It will always come back to you 10 fold!
Speaking of sharing, I have a story to pass along for a group breakfast.  Do you have time? Well of course you don’t but you’ve already begun reading this so you CAN’T stop!
Last month we had our crazy Cajun family visiting my family in LA. Now, that is ” Lower Alabama” not to be confused with that other place on the other side of the map! Two totally different worlds!
I was there at my Mamma’s house helping her recoup from a recent surgery.
As with most of our large family visits, we try to spread out the entertainment task among the sisters as to not completely overwhelm one household.
My other two sisters were in charge of dinners. The family from LA ( now of course you know that stands for Louisiana..just wanted to clarify) were bringing white fish and shrimp that my brother-in-law lovingly fried up outside in the rain, for his awesome Mexican feast that he served us.
I’ll have to write about that at another time!
Are you still with me? Of course you are!  It’s like you already have a full cart at Walmart and have mistakenly chosen checkout #5 and now there is a price check and there are two other people behind you! 🤪
Keep reading, I’m heading back around….
My task was breakfast for 20. Which is not a biggy for an Innkeeper, right? Well, I did have one challenge..,
Mom’s oven was broken!
So, here is what I whipped up!
A breakfast charcuterie tray, (see photo below, YUMMMM)
a “Pimp my Grits” bar and
a build your own avacado toast station.
Anyways, it was a huge hit and perfect for a large group eating at the same time.
So, all of that to say, maybe someone else can use this idea or has something similar they can share.
Thanks for listening.
Ha! Like you really had a choice! Hope your ice cream didn’t melt. 😁
Cathy (and Durell) Hood
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