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Virginia Contact: Deb Tokarz
Williamsburg VA Work Phone: 804.385.4700
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You Deserve to be “the Guest”. Off on your own adventures, exploring new horizons… My care of your Inn allows you to do just that- -worry free. I will do my best to fill your shoes, whatever size… I wear a size 9. 
My name is Deb, however you may hear me referred to me often as “Chef Tokie” as I was  not only the creator/owner of an organic gluten free allergen free baking mix company, Tokie’s, as well as the personal chef to many within the entertainment industry. 
As an Interim Inn Sitter there are always challenges, however there is great joy in doing so. The joy of meeting your guests, whether they be return visitors or new to your property. The one constant are the different personalities of the guests themselves.  A welcoming hello always sets the tone of a stay. A brief chat to learn more about what adventures, if any, they seek or juice preference in the morning is important. 
Throughout my travels, the one-important-thing I appreciate most about the Inns are the Innkeepers themselves.  It takes a passion for people to make guests feel welcome in their new home, even if only for the night. Meeting other guests and sharing an afternoon cocktail at days end often adds to the joy of their day. Repeat guests know exactly what to expect. It’s the “first timers” that often  need a bit of guidance, and often, they receive it from the guests themselves  during the afternoon tea or cocktail. 
 My experience in the industry began in 2017. My previous career as a personal chef in the film industry ended however not before managing many properties with their guests. It was a natural transition and one I’m so happy to have made. Whether it be a small boutique Inn anywhere, USA or Dude Ranch in Montana it’s my pleasure to meet day to day needs of the Inn while owners are away. A happy guest is a returning guest. 
In addition to being an Innsitter, I’m also a Chef – certified Nutritionist – certified Wellness Coach.  I’m available for short & long term assignments anywhere USA.

Available as: Single

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Travel Preferences: Will consider assignments in: USA or Canada (BC)

Region: Mid-Atlantic Region


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