Five Star Hospitality

Five Star Hospitality
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Five Star Hospitality
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Shari Hamilton
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I have for many years envisioned myself running a bed and breakfast but with raising kids and working full-time, I never had an opportunity to pursue that adventure… until now.

I am new to innkeeping, but not new to hospitality. I have worked in the hotel industry as a wedding coordinator at a hotel in New England and as a night auditor for Holiday Inn Express in the Midwest. To me, the bottom line in this type of work is excellent customer service skills and attention to details, and both of those are my strengths. My love of travel makes me aware of what people desire in a getaway… whether it is for R and R or to explore a new destination. Most people getaway for some privacy, good food, a comfortable place to rest in a pristine environment with friendly service at their fingertips.

Friends of mine, Ken and Ann Whisenant, turned me on to the world of interim innkeeping because they love what they do. I am looking forward to using my service skills, ability to work under pressure, time management, self-motivation, conflict resolution and professionalism to the world of innkeeping; to not only bring relief and peace of mind to the full-time owners and operators while they are away from their properties, but also to serve their patrons in a manner becoming of how they would serve themselves.

I have chosen the business name Five Star Hospitality because I bring a mindset of excellence with me on any job, and I would be bringing five-star hospitality to each location and all its guests.

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1062 E Orange Grove Ave.
Burbank CA
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