About Interim Innkeepers

Part of being a great Innkeeper is self care and taking the time to recharge, rest and rejuvenate.

But who could do what you do you ask?  . . .  An Interim Innkeeper (AKA Innsitter)

A dedicated Innsitter is one who truly loves the hospitality industry and Bed and Breakfasts to be specific. Innsitters need to have almost the same knowledge, expertise and hospitality traits of an innkeeper.

We know Innkeepers have high expectations. They want the finances to be kept in order, few mistakes on the computer, the kitchen to stay the same , and guests who will miss you but not your service. We work along with staff while you are away to keep your Bed and Breakfast running smoothly and are in communication with you if needed.

  • Ask fellow owners who they have used in the past.
  • Check your local association to see if any are members who belong.
  • Reach out to find one in your area.
  • Interim Innkeepers are happy to provide references.
  • Good interim innkeepers book up early, the more advance notice you can give the better.
  • One of the advantages in an emergency  is an Innsitter can be there in a few hours if available.
  • Most interim innkeepers prefer 1-2 months notice.
  • The average stay depends on your needs and wants but on average 5 days to 3 weeks.
  • All members are individual contractors – each Interim Innkeepers’ rates will vary.
  • Rates depend on the size and the specific duties involved in the daily management of the inn.
  • Travel costs may be charged in addition to the daily rate.
  • We typically have one day at the inn with you to get familiar with your systems and find out where the coffee filters are. There is usually something we just can’t find but we manage to figure it out.
  • One of the most important aspects of an experienced  Innsitter is educating themselves on activities, dining and tourist attractions in your area. When we travel to other states,interim innkeepers like to be well versed in the local scene.

An interim innkeeper will ask some of the following questions prior to confirming dates and fees.

  • What reservation system do you use.
  • Most are familiar with the most popular systems and are well versed on them.
  • Where do we sleep ?
  • Usually we are either in a guest room or your private quarters. It is up to you and your preference.
  • What about groceries ?
  • We will need to shop occasionally and often petty cash is on hand for this.
  • Is transportation needed or within walking distance to shopping.
  • Do you have pets ?
  • Allergies and added duties must be discussed.

All in all, we respect your hard work and we work hard to allow you time to refresh, rejuvenate and rest.  We are proud of the service we provide to Innkeepers and even though we are not you, we care about your inn when you can’t be there.