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Welcome to the Interim Innkeepers Network

Thank you for visiting the Interim Innkeepers Network.

  • Our goal is to provide a unique service for bed and breakfast owners to find temporary or long term management relief.
  • Our organization is committed to the innkeeping profession and our members offer a wide range of experience and knowledge.
  • Our mission is to offer owners and innkeepers the opportunity to refresh, renew and rejuvenate themselves.

Whether you need to attend a business related meeting/convention, a special family event or just need to get away to recharge, our members are ready to step in.

Each member of IIN is independently owned and operated. Interim Innkeepers/Innsitters complete the duties that mirror the tasks that the owner/manager performs on a daily basis. These duties would include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Serving full or continental breakfast to your guests
  • Processing reservations
  • Providing concierge services
  • Responding to inquiries and additional items mutually agreed upon

Simply put, we provide uninterrupted service to your guests and security for your property.

Thank you for visiting our site. Let us fulfill your needs today!

Serving a Delicious Breakfast
Providing Concierge Services

Reservation Management

Our innkeepers will process reservations requests and respond to inquiries.

Concierge Guest Services

Innsitters are very capable of providing concierge services your guests expect.

Breakfast is our Specialty

Our innkeepers make wonderful breakfasts. Some are even trained chefs.