Hi I am Corrine Kozlak. My husband and I have done some Inn Sitting this past year in Evanston Illinois and found we had a knack and desire to assist other inn owners.. He may be occasionally joining me, but for the most part I will be going solo.  I have attended professional cooking school and have worked in the Food Service industry my working career. (Busing Tables, Waitress, Fast Food Business owner, 24 years of Test Kitchen work both in the Kraft Kitchens and for the Chicago Tribune, Food Stylist for many different Food Companies, Catering.) I am currently working as a Freelance Food Stylist, please see my website corrinekozlak.com.  I find I really enjoy Inn Keeping, the skills required are things I really enjoy doing, and I am not afraid of hard work. 



Travel: Prefers Midwest /Anywhere USA

Homebase: Evenston Illinois

Phone:       847 989-5655


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